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Ukrainian war: Italy towards sixth decree

Crosetto: "We will give Ukrainians the possibility of defending themselves against air attacks"

Italy confirmed its commitment to support Kiev at the recent meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Rammstein, Germany. Defense ministers of allied countries discussed how to help Ukraine in the war against Russia. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zeklensky is asking above all for defense weapons against Russian missile attacks, and against the counter-offensive which should start in early spring.

"The sixth decree will be there and I think it will be shared by almost the whole Parliament. It will give the Ukrainians the possibility of defending themselves against air attacks. It means missiles that shoot down other missiles", said the Italian defense minister, Guido Crosetto, in an interview at "Che tempo che fa" show on Rai 3 tv channel.

As for the position of Germany, which will not supply tanks to Kiev, Crosetto added: "I have respect for other nations. Each country is autonomous. The current German majority was elected to cut defense spending. Now they are doing the most increase in 70 years. I understand the difficulties of chancellor Olaf Scholz, but I find the pressure from others absurd. I am convinced that in the end he will do what he has to do".

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