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Turkey earthquake: various airports closed

Damage to runways, air connections suspended - VIDEO

The devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria also caused extensive damage to transport infrastructure. The earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that was recorded last night caused more than 1358 victims. This is the most devastating natural disaster that has occurred in the last 24 years. The Italian Foreign Ministry has communicated that for the moment no compatriot is involved in the earthquake.

"Our greatest hope is that our citizens will be rescued and made safe. The second issue we are focusing on is providing shelter, food and information. We will rebuild the earthquake areas from the ground up. I say again that it was a very severe earthquake and its intensity was very high", said Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay.

Hatay international airport, located in the south-eastern part of the country serving the cities of Antioch and Iskenderun, is out of use. The take-off and landing runway at the airport was destroyed by the earthquake: the shock created a raised earth fault that runs along the asphalt and crosses it transversally:

Air connections to four other Turkish airports were suspended due to the earthquake: Gaziantep, Ceyhan, Meresh and finally Dilok. All were damaged and this caused a suspension of the outgoing and incoming civil flights, according to the "Tribeca Shipping Agency" news agency.

Below, the video. It shows the take-off and landing runway of the Hatay international airport, destroyed by the earthquake that hit Turkey last night.

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