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B-787 Dreamliner aircraft deliveries still stalled

FAA: "They will not resume until it meets required safety standards"

Deliveries of the long-range B-787 Dreamliner aircraft, suspended in recent days by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) due to a fuselage problem, will not resume until the issue is resolved, meeting the safety standards required by the flight regulatory agency.

A spokesman for the US group Boeing, interviewed by the American television station "CNBC", clarified the circumstances of the incident: "There are no immediate concerns for flight safety in the aircraft fleets currently in service". "We are communicating with our customers and will continue to follow FAA's guidance. While we will be impacted in the short term, at this time we do not expect a change in our production and delivery outlook for 2023".

Boeing's Dreamliner has already experienced other problems in recent years. Due to some production defects, FAA had blocked deliveries to customers from May 2021 to August 2022. For this reason, investors reacted nervously to the news and Boeing's share value fell by 3% in recent days, loss today halved.

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