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Heathrow Airport: strike for 10 days

Staff protest kicks off in late March

A 10-day strike has been called in the UK aviation sector. 1400 employees of the London-Heathrow airport will down tools due to a pay dispute. The protest kicks off on March 31st. The mobilization was proclaimed by the British trade union Unite, one of the largest in the country, which also protects workers' rights in the transport and logistics sectors.

"Heathrow workers have poverty wages, while the CEO and executives enjoy huge salaries. Airport employees are critical to success and deserve a fair pay rise. They are forced to go on strike due to want, not greed", explained Unite secretary general Sharon Graham

This is the reply of the London-Heathrow airport management company: "We have proposed a 10% increase in wages against inflation. We urge United to return to the table to discuss it. Threatening to ruin passengers' well-deserved holidays with a strike it will not help the negotiation". Passengers "can be reassured that we have contingency plans that will keep the airport open and operational".

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