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Anniversary of the plane crash in China

The worst disaster in the country for 30 years now

One year after the crash of flight MU5735, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has communicated a few updates regarding the progress of the investigation in the past few hours. An approach criticized since Beijing prefers silence. The rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) require the publication of an initial report within 12 months, formalizing the details available and any safety problems identified.

"The brevity of CAAC's annual statement is unusual. Reports published by other Asian countries typically ranged from a few dozen to hundreds of pages long and included detailed analyses". That of China, for example, does not contain data on the "black boxes" of the plane that would have offered more clues".The goal is not to apportion blame, but rather to improve safety standards in the industry as a whole", said FlightGlobal Asia editor-in-chief Greg Waldron.

In April 2022 CAAC had issued a preliminary report on the plane crash of 21 March 2022 which involved a B-737/800, which took off from Kunming and was bound for Guangzhou, of China Eastern Airlines, which crashed in the mountains of Guanxi, killing all the 132 people on board. The document already provided few details, as the Flight Data Recorder (Fdr) and the Cockpit Voice Recorder (Cvr) were seriously damaged.

Today, however, we know that 58 seconds before the crash, the screams of the pilots and sounds that seem to have been generated by a quarrel could be heard inside the cockpit. It is not clear who they belong to. During the dive, the aircraft regained altitude for 12 seconds, and then lowered its nose again, crashing into the ground. This is what emerges from some indiscretions filtered by insiders: there may have been a physical fight in an attempt to neutralize those who at that moment had decided to crash the plane.

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