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Australia grounded NH-90 military helicopters

Decision after a technical problem which forced a vessel to ditch

The entire fleet of NHIndustries NH-90 Taipan multi-purpose military helicopters were grounded by the Australian Defense Force following a technical problem that occurred on board an aircraft forced to ditch during a counter-terrorism exercise.

"We have been very fortunate that the incident did not turn into a disaster. This reflects the problems the Australian Armed Forces have had with this fleet of helicopters. Since they were purchased by the Howard Government, we have somehow always avoided a more serious", said Peter Dean, director of foreign policy at the American Studies Center.

"I think he added- that this event confirms the good choice of the government decided last year to replace this fleet of helicopters with new Black Hawk aircraft, which will gradually replace the MRH-90 Taipan from next year. Today it has been 13 years since when they should have gone out of service".

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