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France: airport protests against Macron

Evacuated after raid by demonstrators fighting for pension reform

The anger of some demonstrators in France, who are protesting against the pension reform desired by President Emmanuel Macron which will raise the minimum age for leaving the job from 62 to 64, breaks out violently at the airport. The head of government shows no signs of abating, as the country witnesses the eleventh day of nationwide protests.

Yesterday at the "Bayonne Anglet" airport in Biarritz, in the Aquitaine region, some demonstrators entered the airport and lit smoke bombs. A situation that has created inconvenience to the operations of the airport. The scenes were filmed and shared on social media, where the videos went viral. The images showed the launch of smoke bombs among passengers waiting in the departure area of the terminal. Subsequently, the announcement of evacuation rang out from the terminal loudspeakers.

Similar situation at the "Gare de Lyon" railway station in Paris, where the platforms were occupied by demonstrators, who walked along the railway, blocking the departing and arriving trains. According to some estimates, yesterday around 740,000 protesters took to the streets in 240 cities, of which over 93,000 in the capital alone. For the ministry it was 450,000, for the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) five times as many.

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