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India: military exports to Africa

Made-in-India philosophy to expand business in 30 countries

The Indian Government has recently published the data relating to the volume of exports in the defense sector: in evaluating the 150.9 million euros in the pocket in the 2022-23 fiscal year (+24% on 2021-2022), however has to deal with the loss of orders equal to 11% in the period 2013-2022. For this reason New Delhi is increasingly looking to Africa to expand its business.

Officially, the executive, led by Narendra Modi, declares that India is committed to supplying military arms and equipment to African states in order to improve "national security" and "regional stability". It is actually an initiative that aims to expand its market for cheap helicopters, drones, armored vehicles and artillery, increasing its influence.

Exports favor some states that extend to various extents to 30 countries of the black continent. Recently Morocco (which imports 76% of its weapons from the United States) has bet on India to update its defense technologies (intelligence, surveillance) and security infrastructures. And so the Indian government is working to present itself more and more as a reliable partner for the countries of the southern hemisphere. A strategy that goes hand in hand with Modi's philosophy of supporting Made-in-India.

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