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Australia: developments on military helicopter crash

Ditching due to probable lack of on-board software update

The first rumors have emerged on the alleged causes that on 22 March caused the ditching of a NHIndustries NH-90 "Taipan" helicopter with ten people on board. The incident, which occurred during an anti-terrorism exercise, had caused the Australian Defense Force to ground the entire fleet of that multi-purpose military aircraft model. Officially the dynamics are still being investigated.

According to what has been relaunched by the international media, the cause of the inconvenience may have been the failure to implement updated software by the army. Teething problems of this type first surfaced in 2010. It seems highly probable that the "Taipan" forced to ditch at Jervis Bay had not received an update that should have been installed ten years ago.

It emerges from an initial analysis of the accident: the helicopter was engaged in a night flight which was part of a special forces exercise. The aircraft suffered an engine failure while at low altitude and the pilot then ditched. This problem most likely concerns the electronic management of the hot engine restart, while the helicopter was on a mission.

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