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Japan invests in private planes

Nipponese Government tries to attract more wealthy foreign tourists

The Ministry of Tourism of Japan is planning to reduce to three days (today it takes 10) the deadlines within which to submit the request to use an airport to the airport authorities, allowing applications to be made up to 24 hours in advance, in case of exceptional circumstances. The measure will be active from this month. It is a move with which the Japanese Government tries to attract more wealthy foreign tourists.

"If famous actors or artists visit here and spread information about Japan through social media, it will further increase tourism demand", said a ministry official, quoted by the "Yomiuri Shimbun" newspaper.

Tourism has been one of the pillars of Japan's growth strategy in recent years, before the start of the Covid pandemic. Now, increasing the per capita amount spent by international visitors is once again a priority, with the definitive reopening of the borders to wealthy foreign businessmen using private aircraft, as the entrepreneurial segments of the tourism industry are demanding. 

The sector's turnover amounted to 32 billion euros, reaching a peak of 5962 flights in 2019. To achieve the new objectives in 2023, domestic airports intend to enhance systems for accommodating private aircraft: building exclusive lounges and other service.

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