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India: flight safety alerts New Delhi

After the three military helicopters crashed in two months

After yesterday's aircraft crash in India, involving a Hal "Dhruv" military helicopter that crashed to the ground with three occupants on board, killing one person, controversy has broken out in New Delhi. In fact, citizens and experts are questioning the safety of flights in the country, after the three military aircraft crashed in the last two months, generating a real national alarm in the defense sector.

The Indian Armed Forces have in fact lost three Dhruv multi-purpose helicopters in the last two months. The latest accident, yesterday's, had occurred just 15 minutes after take-off. For this reason, the army has set up an internal commission of inquiry to ascertain the real causes and dynamics of the accident. Also because in March 2023, after a safety exam, the Dhruvs had returned to service, which the Armed Force had blocked on the ground for over ten days.

What had happened on March? Two crashes had involved just this type of rotary wing aircraft, supplied to the Army fleet. On 8 March, a helicopter operating off the coast of Mumbai crashed due to a sudden loss of engine power. On 26 March, however, a Coast Guard Dhruv Mk 3 had been forced into an emergency landing while performing a training flight.

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