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Canada: firefighting aircraft in action

Nearly 30,000 people have been displaced in the State of Alberta

Canada is engulfed in fires. The most affected area is the state of Alberta. Already on Sunday afternoon there were 108 active fires, of which 31 were out of control. The flames have forced more than 29,000 residents from their homes. The firefighting teams are in action, with hundreds of tankers and dozens of helicopters. Aid is arriving in these hours from all over the country and also from the United States.

"Current conditions prevent us from fully assessing vegetation and property losses. Until we can quantify them, we are limited in the details we can provide. But our first priority is to protect lives and address the emergency response", said Colin Blair, executive director of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. 

The beginning of the hot season, with high temperatures and dry land, confirms all the dangers in a country characterized by large forests and prairies. At the moment the authorities classify the situation as "unstable", as the extent of the damage is difficult to determine, while the situation is constantly changing. However, worsening weather conditions, waiting for the rain to arrive, are helping the action of the firefighters.

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