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Russia: aircraft maintenance problems

The reports of faults and warning lights on board are multiplying

The Russian flag airline Aeroflot would have asked its employees to refrain from recording anomalies, failures, malfunctions and lit warning lights that reveal possible defects in aircraft equipment. An indiscretion that reveals the harmful effects of Western sanctions on the economy of Moscow due to the war in Ukraine, causing serious security problems in the aviation sector in Russia. 

It is revealed by the independent investigative journalism website "Proekt", which cites current and former workers of the airline as sources. In detail, a former Aeroflot employee revealed that the new company policy, effective from Spring 2022, would have introduced a clause "to prevent the aircraft from being grounded due to a defect which, according to the regulations, prohibits aircraft to fly until it is repaired".

"It happened several times but there are no entries in the technical log. The Russian attitude of betting on good luck also exists in aviation. Obviously, it is scary to fly based on hope, but unfortunately that is what is happening today in many companies airlines of the country", added a former Nordwind Airlines pilot, who recounts how one day at Kazan airport fuel began to leak while starting the engines of a B-737.

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