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Spain will launch first private space rocket

The test should be carried out by May 31 in the south of the country

The Spanish company Payload Aerospace (Pld Space), specialized in the construction of the Miura 1 and 5 space launch vectors, announced in the past few hours the launch of its first reusable suborbital rocket by the end of May 2023. The company's goal is to enter the market for missions to put small satellites into orbit as soon as possible. The test should be completed by May 31st.

"Every second the carrier rocket is in the air is an opportunity to learn and have data for the development of the Miura 5 rocket. After twelve years we will be the first privately owned micro-launcher company to reach this historic milestone in the European space race", explained Ezequiel Sanchez, executive president of Pld Space.

The launch of the Miura 1 rocket, which has a payload capacity of 100 kg, is being prepared at the military base in Huelva in southern Spain and has been authorized by the Iberian National Institute for Aerospace Technology. It will be the first step towards starting commercial activity in 2025, with a Miura 5 orbital rocket, currently under development. Thanks to the test, he hopes to enter a market that will be worth several trillion dollars by 2030.

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