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Ukrainian war: Kiev closer to NATO

Poroshenko: "Task number one is to speed up European and Atlantic membership"

The outcome of the visit to Brussels by the ex-Ukrainian premier Petro Poroshenko is positive, with numerous meetings with European leaders. Among the most important issues addressed: the accession of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and to the European Union, with the fulfillment of some obligations and the start of negotiations by the end of 2023. It also seems official invitation to Ukraine to the Vilnius summit of the Atlantic Alliance.

"The intense 36-hour work of our delegation in Brussels with the European institutions is coming to an end. This is also the European External Relations Service, which today formulates the EU's foreign policy, where Ukraine is a priority and we do everything possible to maintain this priority", said the former Ukrainian prime minister.

"This is the work of the European Commission -Poroshenko said- in terms of guaranteeing several extremely important directions. The first is the issue of Ukraine joining the EU, our candidate status and the start of negotiations on accession. For this, there are seven preconditions that have been put forward by the EC, and we need to solve them clearly".

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