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United States: the airport suitable for autism

At the Pittsburgh airport a room for those with sensory problems

Airports are less places of transit and more small urban environments full of services today. As planes land and take off, passengers can wait their flights in restaurants, shops, bookstores, spas and airline lounges. However, for travellers with autism and sensory impairments stopovers are special places as they overwhelm their perceptual system. But there are those who thought about them.

At Pittsburgh International Airport in the United States, an area has been specially created for people with sensory impairments. It's called Presley's Place and it's a room located in the atrium of Terminal A of the airport. It is a reality born three years ago. Since the day it opened, this place has become a point of reference for many parents traveling with children on the autism spectrum, who have difficulty moving around in the crowded airport environment.

A model that many other airports should follow. Presley's Place is open 24/7. It's an inviting, quiet, and pleasant space for families to relax before boarding their plane. Thanks to American Airlines, the room includes a model of a real airplane, which can make the boarding experience less stressful.

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