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Three tips for the Summer 2023 season

To avoid ruining your summer holidays between crowded airports and queues at security checks

The Summer 2023 season has arrived. Passenger demand for air travel has reached its annual peak and globally surpassed the 2019 record. However, this also means crowded airports and long queues at security checkpoints. To avoid ruining your summer holidays, here are three tips for travellers.

The first is to avoid booking a flight during peak hours. Sunrise departures are one of the busiest times, allowing you to avoid flight delays or rebook for the day. This is especially true on Monday mornings when business travelers depart, so Sunday mornings could be a good time to fly.

The second tip is to send the suitcases directly to their destination. It is a simple operation that avoids the loss of the trolley, as well as the long queues at the airport at the check-in, also reducing the hand luggage that the passenger would bring with him. There are numerous paid services that offer the possibility of collecting your luggage from home and delivering it to your destination.

Third and last one is to use priority boarding. This paid service is an undeniable time saver, as it means you don't have to remove your shoes, jackets or laptop from your luggage. Furthermore, by purchasing the option that allows identity verification with digital technology, you also avoid downtime waiting for document verification at the checkpoints.

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