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Iran announces new alliance in the Gulf

Maritime cooperation for the geopolitical security of trade

The Government of Iran has announced the birth of a new naval alliance in the Persian Gulf. This is a maritime cooperation which should include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Iraq and also India. The announcement follows recent rapprochements between Ryad's former Tehran rivals, which analysts say are sparking major strategic shifts in the Middle East region. 

"We will soon see our region liberated from unauthorized forces. The people of the area will play a dominant role in security by deploying their own soldiers", said Iranian navy commander Shahram Irani over the weekend, as reported by "Fars" news agency. 

It is a move that comes at a time of global tensions due to the tightening of international sanctions, to which Iran has responded by expanding its partnership with Russia and China. After a recent joint naval exercise between Tehran, Moscow and Beijing held in March, the Islamic Republic had already announced that it would include other states in the alliance. An initiative that aims to control American protagonism, with the United States Navy patrolling the waters and regularly inspecting ships in international waters, for example to counter arms trafficking.

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