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USA: new helicopters for the White House

The VH-92A "Patriot" are entering the fleet

The official presentation of the new "Marine One" US presidential helicopters that are already entering service in the White House fleet is approaching. A move that aims to modernize the fleet, replacing the most obsolete models, planning a future fleet of 23 aircraft and helicopters for the transport of the American president and other personnel.

"They are already in service for some of the presidential missions. Right now there is a mix between the new aircraft and the old helicopter, and over the next year we expect the VH-92 to completely take over", said June Paul Lemmo, president of Sikorsky.

The White House plans to deploy a fleet of 21 VH-92A "Patriot" aircraft, developed by the manufacturer Sikorsky (controlled by the Lockheed Martin Group), which are gradually replacing the current 11 VH-3D "Sea King" helicopters and eight VH- 60N "White Hawk", also made by Sikorsky. The new VH-92A "Patriot" has an estimated price tag of 218 million dollars. The total cost of the operation is therefore around five billion dollars.

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