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Heathrow Airport: extra fuel required

Management company asks airlines to carry more kerosene

The management company of London-Heathrow airport has asked airlines operating at the stopover to carry as much fuel as possible in their tanks. This announcement is related to kerosene supply problems at one of the Britain's largest airport. However, the proposal has raised many controversies due to the increase in harmful gas emissions that such an initiative would entail.

The notice was issued in recent days and includes this period from Sunday 23 July to Monday 31 July. The airport company has asked airlines to fill their tanks when making connections to Heathrow, avoiding over-refueling before take-off, citing supply problems. The airport manager has guaranteed that this will have no impact on passengers or flights.

Environmentalists revolted who stressed how that extra weight increases the amount of fuel burned in flight. The fuel supply problem at London-Heathrow is due to supply shortages by Heathrow Hydrant Operating Company and Heathrow Airport Fuel Company, both companies owned by consortia of oil companies.

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