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Benin: new helicopters on parade

Three H-215s and two H-125s in flight to celebrate 63 years of independence

The fleet of military helicopters participated in the parade to celebrate 63 years of independence of Benin. In flight three H-215 and two H-125 produced by the European manufacturer Airbus Helicopters. It also appears that the African country's air force has acquired a Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter and at least one Russian-made Mil Mi-17.

The aircraft fleet, stationed at the Cotonou international airport air base, also includes three "Super Pumas", recently purchased by Jordan, so much so that they still have the same camouflage livery used by the Royal Jordanian Air Force (Rjaf), which since 2020 it had put nine H-215 "Super Pumas" up for sale.

Delivery of the H-125Ms to Cotonou was reported in February. The helicopters have been equipped with infrared cameras and are used in counter-terrorism missions in the north-west of the country. One of these new aircraft was recently used to monitor the Pendjari River, which forms the border between Benin and Burkina Faso.

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