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ITA-Lufthansa (2): Italian Government wants to speed up the procedure

Lollobrigida (Agriculture): "Every day of delay means not having stability in the strategic sector" such air transportation

The Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests, Francesco Lollobrigida, expressed the hope that with regard to the agreement between the air carriers ITA Airways and Lufthansa "the procedure can be speeded up", because "every day of delay means no have stability in a strategic sector" such as that of air transport. Words that echo those of the President of the Council of Ministers, Giorgia Meloni, who pressed the European Commission at the G20 to quickly obtain the green light for the privatization of ITA, overcoming the current stalemate.

"We believe we have to pursue a line that allows Italy to have a solid dialogue with a company like Lufthansa. We all have workers and we hoped that we could have a completely Italian airline company, but if conditions over time have not Having allowed this choice, we now need to protect the workers. It is the first objective we have set ourselves", declared the minister, in an interview with the television station "Rai 3".

"The workers look favorably on this agreement. The other element is that Lufthansa is not competitive on routes to the advantage of Germany compared to what could instead be a common development program in Italy. For example on tourism: it is clear that there is no 'there is a rivalry between Italian and German tourist resorts, which is why we are trying and hoping we will be able to speed up this process, because every day of delay means not having a framework of stability in a strategic sector such as that of flights".

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