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Taiwan-China military tensions

Yet another incursion by Beijing with 68 aircraft and 10 ships

Chinese military forces carried out another air-naval incursion into Taiwan. It happened during the Italian night. It was announced by Taipei's defense ministry, which in the last 24 hours recorded 68 Beijing aircraft and 10 military ships carrying out exercises around the island. The Dragon's move comes after the country sent 35 warplanes and the "Shandong" aircraft carrier on Wednesday.

Taiwan reported that of the 68 registered aircraft, 40 crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait or entered the military Air Defense Identification Zone (Adiz): these are four Sukhoi Su-30 multi-role fighters, as well as 12 Chengdu J-10 warplanes and 16 Shenyang J-16 fighter aircraft. In response, Taipei scrambled military planes and ships, mobilizing its air defense missile systems.

China's military exercises are, according to analysts, designed to "desensitize" the global media and Taiwan itself, making it more difficult to detect an actual invasion. The "Shandong", Beijing's second aircraft carrier, had been active for two days on the route, to converge with more than 20 other warships in the waters between Taiwan, the Philippines and the American territory of Guam, in the western Pacific. On Monday, however, it was reported sailing in the Bashi Channel, which separates Taiwan from the Philippines, headed towards the Pacific.

Beijing's move follows a series of US-led military exercises around China, involving nearly 30 nations. The U.S. Navy conducted maneuvers in the East China Sea last week with allies including Japan and Canada, followed by the transit of a US destroyer and a Canadian frigate through the Taiwan Strait. A joint exercise involving 19 countries is also underway. 

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