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Expensive flights: on talk about it in Brussels

Urso (Italian Mimit): "I have a specific mandate: to protect the weakest, citizens, consumers and businesses"

The Competitiveness Council, which brings together the competent ministers of all the Member States in the fields of the Internal market, Consumer protection and information, Industry, Space, Technical regulations, Research and innovation, kicks off today in Brussels. Also present for Italy was the Minister of Business and Made in Italy (Mimit), Adolfo Urso, who answered questions from some journalists relating to the government rule on expensive flights and territorial continuity.

"We protect the weakest because this is a constitutionally guaranteed task that the Government must ensure. In Sicily and Sardinia citizens very often have to take a flight at the last moment, when for example they have to take a relative to undergo surgery in a hospital in the north in Italy. And when they find themselves unable to do so in certain periods of the year, because the cost of air transport, the only one they can use, reaches over 1000 Euros, the fundamental right to health that we must guarantee is affected The Constitution gives us this direction", explained the minister.

On the topic of territorial continuity in the air, Urso reiterated: "We don't realize what concerns ordinary citizens, who live on low income salaries and who we must look at and guarantee. I had a very specific mandate: to protect the weakest, the rights of citizens and consumers and also of businesses that must compete on an equal market".

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