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Israel: you can fly sitting on the ground on a plane

National airline El applies emergency solutions to ensure service

The Israeli air carrier El Al is significantly changing its capacity to accommodate stranded passengers. To date, over 50 companies around the world have been forced to suspend scheduled flights to and from Israel, while ensuring service in the nearby airports of Amman (Jordan) and Cairo (Egypt). A move decided after the escalation of violence in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians.

However, the Israeli national airline, El Al, has found emergency solutions: with the consent of passengers it is filling the aircraft capacity, making travelers also use the folding seats (generally reserved for flight attendants), as well as the seats in the cockpit, in the kitchen and even, for those who choose it voluntarily, on the floor. A situation contrary to safety regulations, but we are in wartime and the state airline must guarantee the service.

This solution was specifically approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel. The authority has in fact given the green light to a temporary modification of the regulation on aviation safety on board the aircraft of the El Al fleet, made up of widebody B-777s and B-787s capable of accommodating up to 270 passengers, but which in recent times they carried up to 30 more passengers. Also serving critical routes at Tel Aviv, Israir and Arkia airports.

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