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Usa: YouTuber who crashed plane sentenced

He parachuted from the flying aircraft to do visualizations

The Federal Court in California has sentenced YouTuber Trevor Jacob to six months in prison for having faked the crash of his plane by lying to judges. These are the facts: in November 2021 he deliberately caused a Taylorcraft BL-64 aircraft to crash, by parachuting, with the aim of publishing the video on the internet. A success with millions of views which had already cost him the withdrawal of his pilot's license.

The plane crash had been orchestrated "to promote a company with which the YouTuber-parachutist had signed a sponsorship contract, with the aim of generating media coverage and on social networks for financial profit. He showed exceptional lack of judgment. This type of 'reckless' conduct cannot be tolerated", explained judges.

Jacob faced up to 20 years in prison for his stunt. However, after initially lying and providing false testimony in court, indicating that the plane had a technical problem, the YouTuber began to cooperate with investigators. The judges took this into account, significantly reducing the prison sentence he was sentenced to.

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