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Safety. UK: Airports behind on scanners

Government would like to activate the devices in view of Summer 2023

UK airport management companies will have to install new security scanners by June 2024. This is a crucial deadline for the commissioning of advanced technology systems that will abolish the 100 milliliter rule the maximum limit of liquids that can be carried by each passenger, which will rise to two litres. The government would like to activate the devices in view of Summer 2023.

"It will be an uphill struggle for large airports. One of the biggest problems they will face is installing new scanners and retraining staff without affecting passenger flow". Delaying the introduction of the new devices is "almost inevitable" to avoid a chaos of conflicting rules at airports this summer, said an anonymous industry source, heard by the British newspaper "The Times".

Among the airports that have remained behind are London-Heathrow, London-Gatwick, London-Stansted, Manchester. Everyone is late. Heathrow, for example, has 146 security lanes in its terminals, and has said it will be "difficult" to install the scanners in time, as installation involves various works, including reinforcing floors. So completion could take place no earlier than 2025.

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