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China: 737 MAX aircraft all in service in 2023

The announcement from the head of Boeing in the Asian country referred to the Dragon airlines

The Chinese section of the Boeing Group, specialized in the aerospace and defense sectors, announced in the early hours that all B-737 MAX planes operated by airlines based in the Dragon Country will return to service in 2023. The announcement comes nearly a year after the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) cleared the aircraft model again following its global grounding in 2019.

"All Chinese civil aviation B-737 Max aircraft have resumed operations" during 2023. Additionally, "Boeing has delivered new aircraft to domestic customers this year", said Boeing China CEO Liu Qing, writing a post on social media and adding that these are almost 100 aircraft delivered to operators based in the Dragon Country.

The operation of the B-737 MAX, one of the best-selling aircraft in the world, was blocked after the fatal accidents recorded in Indonesia and Ethiopia in 2018 and 2019. This aircraft model returned to service at the end of 2020 in various countries, but Chinese airlines were able to start flying them again only from January 2023, after the green light from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (Caac).

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