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Tokyo plane crash: testimonies

"We made it just in time. It's a miracle we survived"

The death toll from the plane crash that occurred yesterday at Tokyo-Haneda airport in Japan has been confirmed: five people have died. They were all on board the de Havilland Dash 8/315Q (registration JA722A) aircraft of the Japanese Coast Guard, while the commander remains in serious condition. The aircraft had been hit directly by an A-350/900 (registration JA13XJ) of the Japan Airlines company (JAL flight 516), which had just landed.

"When we landed I bounced in my seat from the impact. It was hot, like we were in a sauna, and my throat burned every time I inhaled. We made it just in time. It's a miracle we survived", says a 28-year-old Japan Airlines passenger, interviewed by the Asian newspaper "Nikkei".

According to various testimonies, before the emergency exit was opened the passengers shouted in panic: "Get us out of here" and "we should listen to the crew". Via the intercom the on-board staff repeatedly urged passengers to remain calm, stay still and cover their noses and mouths. Drop oxygen masks over some seats. It seems that due to the fire only three of the A-350's eight emergency exits were functioning: all 367 passengers were evacuated via inflatable slides.

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