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USA: emergency landing for B-747 plane

The cause would be an engine malfunction shortly after take-off

The pilot of a B-747/800 cargo plane operated by the Atlas Air company was forced to make an emergency landing at Miami-Dade International Airport, the stopover from which he had departed. What convinced the pilot to reverse course was an engine malfunction recorded shortly after take-off. Firefighters intervened on the runway. No injuries were reported.

"The crew followed all standard procedures and returned safely to Miami Airport", said in a note issued Atlas Air company, specifying that a thorough inspection will be carried out to determine the exact causes of the inconvenience that occurred last night, Thursday 18 January 2024.

Another problem for the US Boeing Group overwhelmed by a global crisis of confidence after the explosion of a plug door in flight on board a 737 MAX 9 aircraft operated by the Alaska Airlines company, which occurred on January 5th. Inconvenience followed by another series of misadventures, which raised doubts about the air safety of American vehicles.

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