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USA speeds up F-16 planes to Ankara

Turkish Parliament has ratified Sweden's membership of NATO

The American ambassador to Turkey Jeff Flake announced today that within a few days President Tayyip Erdogan could give the definitive green light to Sweden's membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In this regard, the diplomat said that the US Congress is ready to take "rapid steps" to approve the sale of Lockheed Martin F-16 "Fighting Falcon" fighter jets to Ankara. 

"I see no reason why Turkey should wait, given that the parliament has spoken. So I expect that as soon as this is transmitted to Washington, Congress will be notified of the F-16 sales. As soon as the president signs there will be official. I think this could happen" within a few days said Flake, interviewed by the "Reuters" news agency.

In fact, yesterday the Turkish parliament ratified Sweden's request to join the Atlantic Alliance, eliminating the veto after 20 months of waiting. Now Erdogan must sign the green light. Then the publication in the Turkish Official Journal. Once Washington receives ratification, the US State Department will send notification of the sale of the F-16 aircraft to Congress. Value of the deal estimated at around 20 billion dollars. 

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