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China and the US want to talk to each other

White House reveals: there could be a phone call between the presidents

The governments of China and the United States want to restore military communications. The input came last week, during a meeting between the American national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, and the Dragon Country's top diplomat, Wang Yi. Beijing and Washington just need to materialize this desire: for this reason there could soon be a phone call between presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

This is what emerges from a note published by the White House regarding the Sullivan-Yi meeting which took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The two had already discussed the possibility of resuming military communication during the first attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea by Yemen's Houthi rebels. In turn, Biden and Xi had agreed to restore dialogue at a summit in San Francisco in November 2023.

Tensions between the United States and China had increased in August 2022 after the then American House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, traveled to Taiwan despite opposition from Beijing. In February 2023 the standoff between the two countries had reached its peak when the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, canceled his trip to Beijing after the Pentagon detected the presence of a Chinese balloon in American airspace.

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