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Ukrainian war: Russian plane crashes in a city

Hit by Kiev, the pilot would have directed the aircraft towards a city in Lugansk

The pilot of a Russian military plane, hit by Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems, directed his damaged aircraft towards a residential area, causing an unknown number of victims. It is one of the three Sukhoi (Su-34 and Su-35) shot down yesterday. It would have happened in the Lugansk region, in the eastern part of the country, an area of Donbass occupied by Russia. It is revealed by information site "Ukrinform". 

"The pilot of a Russian fighter plane yesterday dropped several guided bombs on Ukrainian defense positions. And when he was already done for, he thought only of himself on board the damaged plane. Therefore, he directed the vehicle not towards the fields and the forests, but towards settlements of the Antratsyt community, in the occupied Lugansk region", explained the head of the regional military administration, Artem Lysohor, on "Telegram".

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