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Dengue alarm: "Italy is a good habitat"

Warning from a professor of Hygiene at the "San Raffaele" University of Milan

Italy risks becoming a good habitat for Dengue and other neglected diseases. These are around twenty pathologies, until now considered a distant enemy. Numerous experts in the healthcare sector explain this. For this reason, the Government had issued a circular to the maritime, air and maritime health offices, in which it asked to raise the level of surveillance and disinfect planes, ships and goods coming from countries where the virus is circulating.

"Globalization on the one hand and the tropicalization of our climate on the other can no longer make us feel safe from infections that risk becoming endemic in us too, given that the mosquitoes with which they are transmitted wander around our homes even in winter", explains Gianni Rezza, extraordinary professor of Hygiene at the Vita-Salute "San Raffaele" University of Milan, interviewed by the newspaper "La Stampa".

"As Dengue and Chikungunya have shown" today we can no longer feel safe in our latitudes. "At least we have a vaccine for Dengue", even if "it is not for everyone -he adds- but for those who have to undertake a trip to areas where the disease is endemic, such as Brazil, Argentina, India and South-East Asia. It is recommended even to those who have already had a Dengue infection, because reinfection significantly increases the risk of serious illness and death". 

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