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Italy will put a new satellite into orbit

Green light from the Defense commission of the Chamber of Deputies

The Italian Defense Commission of the Chamber of Deputies has recently approved the draft ministerial decree of the "Resilience of the satellite system for government telecommunications (Sicral R1)" program, which provides for the purchase of a new satellite for government and military communications, in replacement of the one currently in orbit. The new system will cost 300 million euros and will be put in orbit in 2025.

"The project satisfies the strategic-operational needs of the Defense and is functional to those of national security, if the ordinary telecommunications structures are compromised. It is clear that also in view of the creation of the new Sicral 3 secure satellite telecommunications system, it will be necessary to address the issue of the protection of our satellites, due to a clear increase in threats in space", explains the president of the commission, Nino Minardo.

The Ministry of Defense has announced that the acquisition of the new geostationary satellite is necessary to quickly address the end of the operational cycle of the Sicral -1B satellite currently in orbit and to guarantee continuity in the occupation of positions of national interest. This is while waiting for the Sicral 3 which according to plans will arrive in 2026.

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