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ITA-Lufthansa: impasse in Brussels

Gentiloni (Economy Commissioner): "Europe has worked to ensure an independent future for the former Alitalia"

There is an impasse in Brussels over the privatization of the Italian flag carrier ITA Airways. At the moment everything is silent, but the Lufthansa aviation group and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), currently the sole shareholder of the airline waiting for the Germans to enter the capital, hope for a solution quickly. According to ITA management, the European green light could be postponed to 26 or 27 June 2024, after the European elections.

"The European Commission has worked for years to ensure that there is a future for the former Alitalia and that this future is not that of a company dependent on public resources". "I think that in general the European Commission should make its observations but with a title that is 'mission accomplished' and 'we don't have a problem' because that is exactly what the European Commission has been working towards for the last 15 years", said the European Commissioner for Economy, Paolo Gentiloni.

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