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Nepal restricts helicopters on Everest

Government will try to protect private interests of tourism operators

Nepal's supreme court has ordered the limitation of the number of climbers on the Everest mountain range and consequently the helicopters that will be able to access base camps on all the mountains in the country. Moreover, there is an order to curb the volume of waste abandoned on the peaks of the Asian state. It was reported by some local media.

The judges of the Nepalese court accepted the public petition presented by the lawyer Deepak Bikram Mishra. Now the government have to implement the judiciary's decision. In fact, it is up to state agencies to issue permits to climbers, which will be issued only after verification of the exact number of climbers accessing the mountain, based on available capacity.

The decision does not concern Search and Rescue (SAR) flights. This is an initiative with which Nepal is trying to manage the tourist boom in its mountains, which has led to overcrowding of people, an excess of helicopters in flight, abandoned waste, plane crashes and climbers who have died on the highest peaks. of the world.

A hard blow for aviation, with tourism operators having significantly increased profits in recent years thanks to the transport of climbers. Limiting the number of helicopters at base camps will clearly affect the logistics of mountain expeditions. The ruling will have concrete effects on powerful private interests so, according to some industry experts, the government will partly try to protect them, while having to implement the judges' decision.

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