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ITA-Lufthansa towards the stop in Brussels

Indiscretions that Rome welcomes partly with optimism, partly with concern

Brussels could say no to the further sacrifices proposed by the Italian flag carrier ITA Airways and the German Lufthansa to have their marriage recognised. The reason is known: the European Commissioner for Competition still considers the latest package of remedies presented to ensure that marriage does not affect competition in European skies to be insufficient. Indiscretions that Rome welcomes partly with optimism, partly with concern.

"I am confident about the agreement and we are also working because we believe that the operation is in favor of the market", was the comment of Antonino Turicchi, president of the national airline, interviewed yesterday on the sidelines of the presentation of the new "Airport in the City" which took place in Rome.

"Boycotting the union between ITA and Lufthansa would be enormous damage" first and foremost "for the workers". "If anyone is working in these hours to blow up the operation it is a hostile act towards Italy and Italians". "It would be yet another demonstration that in Brussels there are first-class and second-class citizens", is the complaint from the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, vice-president of the Council of Ministers. 

For Brussels, the remedies proposed by ITA-Lufthansa could still distort competition in the transport market, opening up the possibility of rival airlines taking action, particularly low-cost airlines. There is still time to resolve the various issues. But the two betrothed fear that the sacrifices requested by Brussels are so onerous as to make the investment in ITA uneconomical. In any case, Brussels will decide by 4 July 2024.

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