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Singapore Airlines airplane accident: preliminary report

The explanation from the national transport ministry

Passenger Geoff Kitchen, 73, died due to the rapid change in gravitational pull and the 54 meter drop in altitude. This is what emerges from the preliminary results of the investigation into the plane crash that occurred on May 21, 2024: a severe turbulence caused one death and dozens of injuries on board a Singapore Airlines B-777 aircraft, which had made an emergency landing at Bangkok airport.

"The aircraft experienced a rapid change in gravitational force. The vertical acceleration changed from -1.5 G to +1.5 G in four times over 4.6 seconds and resulted in an altitude drop of 178 feet, from 37,362 to 37,184 feet. This likely threw from their seats passengers who were not wearing their seat belts", said Singapore's transport ministry, Chee Hong Tat, in a statement.

The ministry cited as its source the report based on information extracted from the data contained in the Cockpit Voice Recorder and the Flight Data Recorder. An apocalyptic scenario witnessed by the photographs taken inside the cabin, which showed tears in the overhead bins, oxygen masks, panels hanging from the ceiling and luggage scattered everywhere.

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