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Rome-Fiumicino Airport: 11 reports of thefts at duty-free

The police forces also stopped eight NCCs and illegal taxi drivers

Eleven people reported and 4500 Euros of stolen goods recovered including cosmetics, perfumes and tobacco. It is the outcome of a series of checks recently conducted by Carabinieri, Italian police forces, located at the "Leonardo da Vinci" Italian airport of Rome-Fiumicino. These are checks carried out in particular at the terminal exits and inside the airport, at the commercial activities.

These are the details of the operations. The agents reported 11 people, including Italian citizens and foreigners, who attempted to go past the tills of the duty-free shops, located inside the airport, without paying. These travellers, noticed by the airport security staff, alerted the Carabinieri, who recovered all the stolen goods, reporting the passengers to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Civitavecchia for the crime of attempted theft.

The Carabinieri checks also involved illegal taxi drivers. As part of the checks, the officers reported a man who, despite the Dacur provision (ban on access to urban areas) for eight months, stopped at the airport without justified reason. Seven NCC (rental with driver) drivers and a taxi driver were also fined for illegally looking for customers at the exit of Terminal 1, without having the right to make so.

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