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Venice Airport: "A special statute is needed"

The request of the president of the Save manager, Enrico Marchi

In recent days the Italian Council of State has ordered the cancellation of the boarding tax of 2.5 Euros imposed by the Municipality of the Venetian capital on passengers departing from the "Marco Polo" airport of Venice-Tessera. The judges accepted the appeal of low-cost airlines Ryanair and easyJet. Now there are those who are thinking of putting it back, but the leaders of Save, the airport management company, are standing firm.

"It seems that the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro and his councilor Michele Zuin want to try again to put their hands in the pockets of Venetians, Italians and tourists who take the plane at 'Marco Polo' airport, regardless of where they come from or where are direct. An incomprehensible choice in light of common sense as well as the ruling of the Council of State", denounces the president of the Italian management company, Enrico Marchi.

"I would also like to underline how the ruling of the Council of State, contrary to what has been repeatedly stated by the mayor and Zuin, has correlated the introduction of the aforementioned tax with the debt assumed by the Municipality for the Bosco dello Bosco stadium and gym sport, where he states that the Municipality has not taken into consideration other forms of revenue".

"I believe that Venice would also have the right to a special statute, perhaps through the establishment of a special territorial body, which we could call 'Venezia Serenissima', with the primary task of safeguarding Venetian citizens and therefore the city itself, allowing for example to cut taxes on residents of Venice, perhaps through an equalization fund that makes the cost of living in Venice comparable with the cost of living on the mainland, and then many other initiatives such as promoting local shops, and so on, which could be implemented in progress", concludes Marchi, according to whom Mayor Brugnaro should commit himself to this issue.

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