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ITA, Lufthansa, Alitalia: "Government clarify"

Interpellation by the Greens and Left Alliance addressed to the Ministries of Economy, Transport and Labour

The Italian Government has been called upon to clarify what the effects of the ITA-Lufthansa marriage will be and of a possible "judgment of unconstitutionality of the interpretative rule contained in Legislative Decree number 131/2023 aimed at excluding business continuity between Alitalia and ITA". This is what the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra (AVS) party is asking in a interpellation addressed to the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) and the Ministry of Labour.

"What consequences will the agreement reached between the Mef and the Germans of Lufthansa have on the airports of Milan, Linate and Malpensa and on passenger traffic in the other national airports in the medium and long term; what guarantees on the re-employment of all workers coming from ex-Alitalia also in consideration of the ongoing disputes as well as the growth in employment and turnover and the improvement of the offer and services for passengers; as guarantees on territorial continuity to and from the Islands", asks Francesca Ghirra, group leader of AVS in Transport commission in the Chamber of Deputies.

"There are concerns about the protection of competition in the Milan-Linate airport -he added- and uncertainties about the opening to competition of around ten routes departing from Fiumicino and Linate towards Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. As for connections with the USA and Canada carried out by Lufthansa's network partners, in addition to freezing for two years the entry of ITA Airways into the joint venture with United and Air Canada, Lufthansa and Mef have committed to promoting agreements to guarantee the entry of new competitors external to Star Alliance to protect competition. We want clarity". 

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