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The long beards of the hipster fashion tendency queues at the airports

Slowdowns for facial identification

To identify passengers using an electronic passport at the airport, it is increasingly required to scan their image digitally using a face recognition system: before accessing them, travellers are required to remove hats, glasses and anything else that may prevent a correct identification through metric technology. The widespread fashion of beards is making the work of this new process of cataloging and recognition more difficult, causing the failure of the original intention, that is to make the procedures faster: passengers therefore find themselves having to repeat the queues to allow verification to the old at the border control desk. This is causing several delays especially in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia where Smart Gate scanner technology is widespread.

A study reported by "Dailymail" in July, found that with the new advanced technology the problem of proper recognition does not only concern the hipsters: factors such as changes to the face given by small interventions of an aesthetic nature, tattoos, the increase or loss of weight can cause failure.

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