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Russia: Tu-22M3 missile bomber aircraft repaired

It passed all the ground and flight tests - VIDEO

The press office of Tupolev, a Russian company operating in the civil and military aerospace sectors belonging to the United Aircraft Corporation, announced today on August 30 in a note that a Tu-22M3 missile bomber was brought back to Moscow at the Ministry of Russian Defense after being repaired. All ground and flight tests were successfully performed on board the aircraft.

The long-range supersonic fighter named "Backfire-C" according to NATO classification is designed to target land and sea targets through rockets and bombs including Kh-22 anti-aircraft missiles (AS-4 Kitchen). Equipped with a variable "sweep" wing, the maximum take-off weight is 124 tons, the length is 42.46 meters. Its wingspan at 20 degrees is 34.28 meters and at 65 degrees, 27.7 meters. The maximum speed it can reach is 2000 km for hour.

Below, a video about the Tu-22M3 fighter-bomber, a model used by the Russians also in the war in Syria.

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