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Saudi Arabia authorizes airspace overflight to other countries

Decision comes after the historic flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi

It was not the classic exception that proves the rule. Saudi Arabia announced through the State news agency that the overflight of its airspace during the historic flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi will not remain an isolated case. Riyadh underlined how the authorization granted a few days ago (read AVIONEWS) will also be valid for connections from any country to the United Arab Emirates. An Israeli-American delegation travelled to this territory in anticipation of future peace agreements and there will be more flights in the coming months.

Among the main Nations benefiting from this opening is undoubtedly Israel, given that the traditional route operated so far to reach the Emirates will be significantly reduced, without forgetting the other destinations on the Asian continent which will be much "closer" to Tel Aviv. Ceremony for the signing of the agreement between Mohammed bin Zayed, Prince of Abu Dhabi, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be held in Washington in the next few days, there is even talk of September 15th. Saudi Arabia has all eyes on itself, given that the eventual arrival in the United States of one of its high-level representatives would amount to an official endorsement of the agreement.

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