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Ecuador issues its first electronic passport

The document was expressly requested by Icao

First times are often exciting and the adjective fits perfectly with the novelty introduced in last hours by Ecuador. South American country, in fact, issued its first electronic passport in history, making the release of this document official. As noted by local media, this is a measure that is part of the campaign to modernize national identification systems; passport and other tools more suited to the times we are living have been specifically requested by Icao. According to the technical recommendations of International Civil Aviation Organization, Ecuador needs modern and cutting-edge documents, which suggests that there will be more similar announcements in coming months.

First person who received electronic passport was Lenin Moreno, president of South American Nation. This service was inaugurated with an official ceremony organized at the civil registry of Quito. Moreno himself underlined how the country is now obliged to continue its path along the global modernization: in this way alignment with the rest of the world would no longer be a utopia. Maximum security and no forgery; these are the two assured promises in relation to the document. Ecuadorian aviation could soon be affected by the revival of the old flag carrier (see AVIONEWS).

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