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A new "flying man" spotted by plane in Los Angeles

The same happened in California last September

Another sighting and once again in the skies of Los Angeles: it may well be a coincidence, but the crew of an aircraft of the Asian carrier China Airlines said they were sure they noticed a man in a jetpack at a disproportionate altitude, just under two thousand meters to be precise. After the double sighting in early September, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported the most recent episode not many kilometers from Los Angeles International Airport. The pilot of the Chinese aircraft explained to the control tower that he noticed something unidentified, most likely a "flying man". Everything would take place at 13:45 (local time) yesterday, Wednesday 14 October 2020; the FAA itself has launched an investigation, reporting the fact to the local police.

FBI is still conducting very thorough investigations on the sightings of over a month ago, even if in such situations there is a tendency to deny the hypothesis of a person with a jetpack, preferring that of a drone. For many people, the unusual presence is explained by the nearby JetPack Aviation headquarters. The company is active in this business, with two jet-packs that are made available to customers to reach an altitude of 4500 meters. It certainly cannot be a coincidence that the background has always been the same location; new updates on the singular story are now awaited.

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