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Low-cost air carriers resisted better to covid

It was revealed by an university study - ATTACHMENT

Coronavirus pandemic literally disrupted any industrial sector, including the aviation sector: in the case of carriers, however, not all have been affected in the same way, as emerged from a study conducted by a group of researchers. Leading the investigation was Pere Suau-Sanchez who is part of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of the University of Catalonia, as well as being an expert in air transport. The research was conducted together with Edgar Jimenez of the British Cranfield University and was then published in the "Journal of Transport Geography".

In practice, it emerged that the low-cost airlines have shown greater resilience with regard to the current crisis (read also the article published by AVIONEWS) and the reason is soon said. Experts identified a lower exposure of the passengers of these companies compared to the long haul which is the most affected of all. The data examined were different; first of all, the offers of low-cost flights in proportion to the total of each individual airport were taken into consideration.

Furthermore, the survey also examined the market share of carriers, taking into account the airports with the highest number of low-cost offers. In 2001, therefore almost two decades ago, the low-cost sector in the airline sector was still at just over 5% in relation to available seats, a percentage that has then increased exponentially up to the present day (37.3% in 2019). According to the two researchers, in conclusion, in the future there will be fewer and fewer companies forced to concentrate their businesses on major markets.

Attached to this AVIONEWS, the study conducted on covid and air transport (8 pages).

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