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An unmanned aviation civil zone created in Shanghai

The base is ready to attract a significant number of companies

Pilots? In a not too distant future they may perhaps no longer be the absolute protagonists of civil aviation. China is strongly convinced of this, as evidenced by the official inauguration of an experimental area for unmanned flights. On Wednesday October 28, 2020, the Shanghai base became operational, an area designed to simplify the airworthiness certifications of remotely piloted aircraft and low-altitude intelligent transport (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). The objectives to be achieved are different; information on flights will be more accessible, without forgetting civil aviation tests in the absence of pilots and the use of drone aircraft that can replace express couriers.

Food and other products would then be transported from Shanghai in hopes of improving delivery efficiency. The Shanghai base is located in the Jinshan district and has been in existence for exactly two years now. We are talking about a total of 58 square kilometers on land, while on the sea the dimensions reach 200 square kilometers; so far 23 companies using drones for their activities have taken an interest in the project, a number destined to grow further in the coming months.

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