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Airplanes and carriers, Iberia and Vueling savings thanks to Erte

This system allows both to make employees work less

About 35 million euros would be saved every month by two Spanish carriers, specifically Iberia and Vueling, thanks to the latest measures that have affected employment (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). The money has been quantified by the local media and refers to a mechanism that is exploited a lot by Iberian companies at the time of the coronavirus. We are talking about the Erte, the Expedientes de Regulación Temporal de Empleo which make it possible to temporarily suspend employment contracts and reduce the days of employees.

The airlines mentioned above already predicted how much the losses due to the crisis will amount to until the beginning of 2021, given that they have already reached a not exactly insignificant share (350 million euros to be precise), but it will not go beyond certain levels thanks to the employment policy just explained. But what exactly is the workforce that has been included in the Erte? The Iberia workers involved are 14 thousand, while those of Vueling do not exceed 4 thousand (see AVIONEWS). Furthermore, it emerged that a large part of Iberia's staff chose to work fewer hours and fewer days. The 35 millions to which reference is being made must be divided between the Spanish airlines, with a greater quantity for what concerns the national one (25 millions) and the rest referring to the low-cost carrier (10 millions).

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